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Fuera Nephiana
04 January 2012 @ 03:40 pm
I created this wallpaper on 1st Jan 2012!! YaY~ ^^
But didn't manage to upload it on time.. >.<
This time.. Featuring my lovely
I made it looks like so b'coz it shows how much he have grown~
From when he was young, to his jr. days and up to year by year till now~ <3


--brushes; hawksmont's glow brushes
--pictures & scans;

and also at http://hananoyouni.wordpress.com/
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Fuera Nephiana
17 October 2010 @ 11:44 am

Hello~! My name is Fuera Nephiana. Been lurking in this LiveJournal since 3 years ago...
Just an ordinary girl who's been obsessed with JAPAN and their culture like 7 years ago till now...
I like to watch anime and a huge fangirl of J-Rock, J-PopNico Nico Douga and
JEBoys~ ♥
Not only that, i also have a soft spot for voice actors who's talented at singing such as Miyano Mamoru and Suzumura Kenichi~*
Basically i'm lovin all the genre, haha(;
As for myself, i like to sing and dance while listening to songs.
My hobby is drawing and daydreaming! ^^
In my leisure time, i love to create wallpapers:)

Yoroshiku POP

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